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Equine Therapy

 Increase trust, self-esteem, and confidence, decrease anxiety and depression, improve  social skills, impulse control, and communication skills

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

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Equine Assisted Therapy is an evidence-based practice with a variety of benefits, including increased trust, self-esteem, and confidence, decreased anxiety and depression, as well as better social skills, impulse control, and communication skills. Equine Therapy helps clients get outside of negative, self-absorbed thoughts and allows them to nurture another creature.


Stout Performance owners, Hal and Mercy Stout are trained in H3 Pyramid Equine Therapy. This model focuses on the human, the horse, and natural horsemanship. Each client will come to recognize the horse as a partner and develop the ability to tune into the horse’s needs. Everything done in H3 therapy benefits both the client and the horse.

Interaction between horse and client often unlocks blocked emotions, allowing them to be processed and healed. Equine therapists and clients are amazed at how horses behave in ways that result in the presentation of crucial issues for clients. Experience firsthand the intriguing relational process that can take place between horse and human.

Additional Information on the Stouts

Mercy has a bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. She has worked in the field for over twelve years and runs a counseling private practice, Zion Counseling, LLC. Mercy is domestic violence certified and enjoys working with women and abuse survivors, as well as couples. She enjoys teaching emotional management skills and relationship tools. She believes in the inherent value of every person and has a goal for everyone she works with to grow their self-love and personal power.


Hal has owned and loved horses his whole life. This passion has guided his path, leading him to value and enjoy country life to the fullest and eventually start Stout Performance Horses with his brother, Steve. Their focus is on breeding mares, raising and selling foals, training horses, and helping others through sharing their agricultural lifestyle and their horses. Hal has a bachelor's degree in Zoology with a minor in Agriculture with an emphasis in horse science. Hal retired from a 21-year career as an investigator for Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and has a master’s degree in Forensic Science.

Hal and Mercy enjoy intersecting their careers and interests through equine therapy. 

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